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At Father & Son Super-foods we offer a selection of fair-trade, organic super-foods including raw cocoa and more. We put quality first and maintain reasonable margins so you can purchase great products at affordable prices. Click on an image below to learn more about our super-foods and offers.

Our bespoke chocolate made in Belgium with cocoa from Brazil

Organic Chocolate Covered Raisins     Organic Chocolate Covered Mulberries    Organic Chocolate Covered Goji Berries

Organic Chocolate Covered Almonds

All of our chocolate covered superfoods are sweetened with coconut sugar. With a glycemic index of XX it is an excellent alternative to cane sugar.

All the important boxes are ticked: 1) Organic; 2) Raw cocoa (more nutrients); 3) Fair-trade; 4) Cooperative produced; 5) Ecologically farmed and sourced; and, 6) Vegan friendly. Even our packaging is biodegradable.


Bespoke Chocolate made in Austria with cocoa from Peru








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